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Yearly Prevention Physical

One visit could prevent a future of pain.

Sometimes the worst injuries are the ones we don’t see coming. 

The runner whose Achilles tendon pops and prevents him from running.

The athlete who performs a routine movement and goes down, gripping her knee and wincing in pain. 

Or even the hard working, everyday person who reaches to pick something up off the ground and suddenly feels a sharp pain in the low back. 

These unforeseen injuries are devastating. Their consequences, like surgery, months or years of pain—and not to mention the financial burden—are life-changing. 

If you could see a life-changing injury coming and prevent it, would you?

You have a primary care doctor to keep you healthy internally. 

You have an “eye doctor” to keep your vision healthy. 

You even have a “tooth doctor” to keep your teeth from falling out. 

Shouldn’t you have a physical health doctor to keep your body healthy for the long run too?

That’s exactly where physical therapists shine. Physical therapists are physical health and movement specialists trained to keep your body healthy and able to handle the demands of life and sport.

If your body isn’t in a great position to handle these demands, you may wind up with an injury.

Knowing the truth about how fit you are to handle life’s demands brings peace. Either you’re 100% ready for the challenges that await you, or you find out exactly what you need to work on to make it that way. Knowledge is power, and we seek to make you as knowledgeable and powerful as possible.

That’s where a yearly prevention physical comes in.

Yearly prevention physicals with a qualified physical therapist identify hidden movement faults that could become big problems if left unchecked. 

Our physical therapists are trained specialists in evaluating faulty movement that could cause pain or injury down the road. If caught early, you can avoid the heartache and body ache that come with pain and injury.

Our yearly prevention physical includes:

  • One-on-one evaluation with a physical therapist
  • Testing specific to you and your daily or sport demands
  • Flexibility / range of motion testing
  • Identification of risk-factors for pain or injury
  • Full access to the sports science lab:
    • Force plate movement analysis
    • Isokinetic strength testing
    • EMG muscle firing analysis
    • Body-worn sensor movement analysis
    • Running analysis on instrumented treadmill

And most importantly…a plan of action to keep you healthy in the long-run!

Who should have a yearly prevention physical?

The reality is that injury can happen to anyone. If you want to make sure your body is safe and healthy for years to come, a yearly prevention physical is for you.

All athletes are recommended to complete a prevention physical because playing sports increases the chances of getting hurt. We’ve developed methods to screen the likelihood of incurring the most common sports injuries to take every step towards staying healthy and a contributing member of your team. 

Below are the common sports injuries that we screen for: 

Baseball players: shoulder and elbow injury. 

Football, volleyball, soccer, and basketball players: ACL-tears.

Runners: runner’s knee and Achilles tendon injuries.

Non-athletes: the normal aches and pains that come with life, like back aches and shoulder pain.

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