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Golf Performance Assessment

Do you want to lower your handicap and avoid pain on the golf course?

If your swing isn’t as smooth as you want it to be…

If you’re frustrated because you feel like your body just isn’t the same as it once was, or as capable as it should be…

And if you pay the price with low back pain or other aches during or after a round…

You’re in the right place. 

You’ve probably been told that if you adjust your swing, your worries will fade away. You’ve probably heard that you just need more time on the driving range, or the green. And you’ve probably heard the common swing technique tips, too…keep your head down, rotate your hips through impact, point your chest towards your target, and the other cues that are supposed to make you a better, pain free golfer.

While these tips and the people giving them have good intentions, the truth is that they miss they mark most of the time because they don’t address the underlying factors that directly control your ability to swing a club!

Discover why your body is holding you back on the course!

The truth is to make true, lasting changes, you have to find the source of the problem. Otherwise, you’re wasting your precious time, making marginal gains that aren’t permanent, or worse, no progress at all.

If your body has restrictions that make it impossible for you to swing the club the way you’re body is meant to, then nothing you do will improve your golf game until these underlying, aggravating road blocks are addressed.

Our sophisticated, golf-specific screening system uncovers exactly what restrictions are holding you back from being the best golfer you can be—without hurting during or after a round of golf!

Receive the same treatment as the pros.

Our resident golf specialist, Logan Walters, is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Expert. TPI is the leader of golf performance therapy and training. As proof, take a look at the following statistics…

18 of the last 20 major championships have been won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert.

22 of the top 30 players in the Official World Golf Rankings are advised by a TPI Certified Expert.

47 of the Golf Digest’s Top 50 Golf Fitness Professionals are TPI Certified Experts or TPI Advisory Board Members.

TPI Certified Experts are the best in the world at identifying how and why your body is holding you back from your best swing and working with you to eliminate these constraints to give you your best swing.

Take the example in the video below.


In the video you learned that a lack of flexibility in the upper back makes it impossible to access a full back swing. Instead, this immobility creates a torque in your lower back that causes pain.

If addressed, not only will this eliminate lower back pain—or any chance of it in the future—but your swing will improve because you’ve regained the ability to execute a smooth, flawless back swing!

This is just one of the characteristics assessed in our comprehensive Golf Performance Assessment, which is a head to toe analysis that looks at every body function that relates to a golf swing.

If there’s any part of your body that is holding you back on the course, this screening will uncover it. 

A properly functioning body allows a golfer to swing the club in the most efficient way possible. 

We believe that:

  • Physical limitations in your body can adversely affect the way you swing a club, increase your handicap, and potentially lead to injury
  • Golfers benefit the most from a healthy and efficient body
  • There is no one “best” way to swing a club
  • Every golfer has his or her own most efficient way to swing a club, which is based on what his or her body is physically capable of
  • A screening uncovers where your body is restricted, and reveals how to improve your physical capability and performance
  • Improved physical capability and performance increases your potential as a golfer

Discover what is holding you back from the healthiest, most efficient body possible, and alleviate those restrictions to decrease your handicap and golf pain free!

Logan isn’t a golf pro and his mission isn’t to coach you on how to swing a golf club.

Instead, the purpose of this assessment is tp determine what is holding you back from the most efficient swing possible and help you overcome those restrictions.

The result is a healthier body, a lower handicap, less pain, and less likelihood of developing a long-term, golf-related injury.

It’s time to unlock your hidden potential.

If you want to feel and golf your best, without hurting, and give yourself the gift of a healthier body, fill out the form below to request information about a Golf Performance Assessment!