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Vertical Jump Training




Whatever you call it, if you want to jump through the roof, this is for you.


Our unique process blends the best jump science with real-life training.

The result? 

Your vert goes through the roof.


To improve your jump height as fast as possible without wasting time and effort, there are two undeniable truths:

1. Every person is unique and training works best when tailored to you as an individual. Cookie cutter programs don’t cut it.

2. Not all exercise is created equal. You have to pick the right exercises, with the right weights, in the right order for your body.

How does it work?

We know training works best when customized for each individual.

In this program, every athlete is tested in the sports lab to determine exactly what type of training he or she needs as an individual in order to maximize jump height.

After testing, we analyze the data and build your program to target exactly what you need and not waste your time and energy with what you don’t.

There’s a reason you’ll never see a 1000lb squatter dunk a basketball. 

On the other end of the spectrum, an athlete who is naturally explosive but can’t squat his own body weight would likely jump higher with stronger legs.

You probably fall somewhere in between those two extremes. You’re not brand new to exercise. You aren’t the strongest person in the world, but you’re not weak either.

But how do you know exactly what you need to work on in order to maximize your potential?

How close to perfect are you?

After testing, you’ll get a score that shows how close to optimal your muscles are for jumping high. That score then tells us what type of training your body needs in order to jump through the roof. 

100% is a perfect score and means you’re strength and muscles are perfectly balanced for jumping. In that case, your training involves a little bit of everything so you don’t create an imbalance and you continue to push your vertical up and up.

How far away from 100% your score is tells us what kind of training you need. Scores in the 20-40% range need different exercises than scores in the 60-80% range, for example.

This is how you laser in exactly what training you as an individual need to become your best.

But don’t take my word for it…

Check out these results from RE athlete Justin Scoggin.

These results show both his average height of all the jumps we recorded each day (the top box), as well as the single highest jump of the day (the bottom box). 

The jump heights are in centimeters, but when you convert them to inches you see he added 2.9 inches to his average jump height and 1.9 inches to his maximum height in just three and a half weeks (11/14 to 12/9).

Program Options

Test here, train here.

This option is straight forward: you do the testing here, we write your training program, and you execute the training here at the RE under our supervision.

Test here, train there.

Once you do the testing and we write your training program, you can then complete the program on your own. Our programs are written in four week cycles. After you complete your four week cycle, you’ll come back for re-testing to track progress and determine what changes need to be made in your training. As you advance, the type of training you need will change. RE-testing every four weeks allows us to monitor your progression closely so that every training session is exactly what your body needs to get as explosive as possible.

Ready to take your vert to the next level?

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