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Speed Training

Quicker first step

More explosive speed

Faster top speed

If you’re looking for these, you’re in the right place. 

Our speed program focuses on two outcomes: explosive acceleration, and a fast max speed. Sprint technique and leg power are the big drivers of speed, so our programs focus on enhancing both to maximize speed.

Athletes in our program learn what to do with their arms, hands, hips, feet, and chest in order to run their fastest. 

Technique first, then power

All athletes benefit from building the foundation and mastering the basics, but this is especially true for younger ones. The focus of training for athletes 15 and under is building great technique. By doing so, we minimize injury risk, decrease pain, and raise the ceiling on long-term potential. 

Mature athletes also benefit from improving sprint technique; however, in addition to a technical focus, athletes 16 and up can use resisted and overspeed sprints to maximize speed gains. This is essentially strength training for sprints, and athletes get freaky fast using these methods.

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