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Shoulder Injury Prevention

One shoulder injury could change your life forever.

If you’re an overhead athlete who has ever worried about a shoulder injury like a rotator cuff or labrum tear, a Tommy John injury (which is almost always caused by a bad shoulder), or nerve damage like thoracic outlet syndrome that causes numbness and tingling pain down your arm and hand, and you want to do everything you can to make sure you have a long, injury-free career, then read on.

The startling truth is 2.6 million athletes who are under 14-years-old require medical treatment due to upper limb injuries each year. But many of these injuries are avoidable altogether.

Imagine for a moment what life is like for an athlete who experiences a shoulder injury…

The time lost from playing sport, including the memories that could have been made and the character that could have been developed, is just the beginning.

Consider the time (and cost) required in physical therapy to rehabilitate the shoulder back to health. Even more time and money if surgery is involved. 

The debilitating pain that comes with a shoulder injury can’t be discounted, either…if you’ve never had shoulder pain, you can’t imagine what sleeping, driving, and even writing and typing is like with a constant, nagging, inescapable pain in the shoulder. 

Sports performance aside, school performance and general mood can suffer as well.

Millions of kids every year face this battle. 

But with a proper screening, debilitating shoulder injuries can be predicted and avoided, saving you the time, money, shoulder and heartache that comes with a serious shoulder injury

If you’re worried that persistent shoulder pain will keep you away from your sport or the lifestyle you’d like, and you want answers WITHOUT using surgery, medication, or other invasive measures, then it’s time to use biomechanics to your advantage!

Here’s the simple truth: the way your body moves has a direct effect on how your body feels.

That sounds like something everybody SHOULD know, but not all health professionals approach the body from this point of view. 

Physical therapists are movement specialists that have doctorate level training in assessing, analyzing, and treating movement disorders using the power of your own body.

By knowing exactly what to look for, and how to fix the problems found, pain and injury can be avoided altogether. 

Similar to getting your tires rotated and your car aligned, you can wait until you have an accident to take action, or you can take preventive measure to ensure an accident never happens in the first place.

Harness the power of movement to feel your best and avoid injury!

If you lose just 5° of shoulder rotation flexibility—which is very little—you are 2.5x more likely to develop a shoulder injury.

If you lose 5° of flexibility in shoulder flexion—the motion that happens when you put your hand up to ask a question—you are 2.8x more likely to develop a shoulder injury. 

If you lack just 5° of backward shoulder rotation, you are 2.4x more likely to develop a shoulder injury. 

Baseball players—especially pitchers—are very likely to have these shoulder flexibility deficits. They are also likely to lose internal (downward) rotation of the shoulder and develop excessive external (backward) rotation as a compensation to throwing a baseball so much.

This causes two big problems: 

  1. The excessive backward rotation puts stress on the shoulder joint, rotator cuff, and elbow if not trained correctly, which could cause injury.
  2. Lack of downward rotation puts a lot of stress on the elbow during the follow through motion of a pitch or throw, which can cause elbow injuries down the road.

But without knowing if you have these deficits that make you more likely to get hurt, you can’t help yourself prevent a shoulder injury from happening.

Here is how we can help.

Our movement specialists identify if the way your body moves or your strength levels are contributing to pain, putting you at an increased risk for suffering a shoulder injury, or are holding you back from your highest level of athletic performance. 

Once assessed, we provide you with a detailed program to improve your shoulder health and athletic performance, guaranteeing a reduced likelihood of sustaining a life-changing shoulder injury. 

Ready to change your future?

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