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Running Analysis

Do you want to run faster, more biomechanically efficient, and with less pain?

Whether you’re a cross country athlete, an adult competitive runner, or a weekend warrior, if you want to run faster or with less pain, you are in the right place. 

All too often we’re told what our limitations are…what’s wrong with us…what we shouldn’t do…what we can’t do…and worst of all, that we’ll never be able to do something again.

We believe in a different approach. 

Instead of telling you that you can’t run again, that you shouldn’t run again, and that you’ll never be able to run again (or achieve your old time again), we focus on what you CAN do to improve your performance. 

When it comes to running, that starts with a running analysis.

Our advanced technology gives incredible insight into how your body runs. We measure every movement your lower body makes when running, from your ankle all the way up to your hip.

This allows us to break down every aspect of your technique to determine what is holding you back from being your best, fastest, and most pain-free competitor. After that, we prescribe exercises to strengthen your running. 

The end result is you become a faster, safer runner, prolonging your running career and getting you better results along the way.

Change your running to decrease running pain!

Meet Eric.

Eric is in his mid-fifties and is a very successful runner. He has qualified for the Boston Marathon several times and was on track to run the Boston again until his right Achilles tendon started hurting so bad he had to stop running.

If you’ve ever had something you love taken from you, you know the internal turmoil it causes. Eric desperately wanted to run again, so he came to us for help.

When he completed his running analysis, here’s what we saw…

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fduDlVfE18s[/embedyt]


The problem is easy to spot. Watch how violently his right ankle collapses with each step. His left ankle also collapses, but the right is much worse.

As a distance runner, Eric was likely taking tens of thousands of strides each week with this ankle collapse. Eventually, his Achilles tendon starting degrading as a result. 

After treating the underlying issue, he was able to run again without pain. 

But what if you don’t hurt when you run, and you just want to improve your times or prevent future injuries? A running analysis can help with that, too!

Are you ready for your running analysis? 

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