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Shoulder pain

Does an achy shoulder keep you from exercising, playing, or even sleeping the way you want?

Whether you’re a high school or collegiate athlete, a weekend warrior, a retiree, or an every day hard-working person, living the life you want to live is impossible once shoulder pain starts to creep in. Things you love to do—like playing golf or tennis, swimming, taking exercise classes, or picking up your kids—become things you used to love to do, all because of unchecked shoulder pain.

What starts as a kink in your neck or a knot in your back progresses into an annoying ache and turns a constant pain. If left untreated, the progression deepens and you feel pain in every day activities like cleaning, picking up your kids, and even getting a good night’s sleep.

If you’ve been to your doctor, you’ve probably already tried the typical treatment…rest for six weeks. Maybe you’ve even tried injections or worn a sling in efforts to get rid of the pain.

Unfortunately, these treatments rarely solve the underlying issue and instead waste your valuable time and prolong your suffering.

Maybe you’ve even been told the biggest myth of all: there is no solution for your pain and you have to forever stop doing the things that hurt.

We’re here to tell you: you DON’T have to stop doing what you love, and you DO have resources to help. 

We believe our bodies have the amazing ability to heal when given the right movements. We believe this because we’ve seen it time and time again.

Our approach is to find the underlying cause of your pain and address the root of the issue, not just treat the symptoms on the surface. With this approach, we guide our patients towards real, lasting relief, not just temporary reductions in pain. 

If you’ve tried ice, rest, Tylenol, injections, or even generic exercise programs that weren’t made for you, and STILL have shoulder pain…it’s time to use a biomechanical approach and change the way you move!

A biomechanical approach focuses on how you move your arm and shoulder and identifies faults that have lead to pain and tissue breakdown. This includes flexibility, strength, endurance, and sound technique that doesn’t put the shoulder in a dangerous and pain-causing position.

We’ve helped everyone from collegiate pitchers to folks enjoying retirement by discovering the cause of their shoulder pain and treating it directly. As a result, they’ve returned to the sports and activities they love without pain or worry. 

When given the strength and motion needed to be healthy, the shoulder joint is free to do everything it needs—pain free!

How can the RE_Building help my shoulder?

Our comprehensive approach involves a one-on-one assessment and one-on-one treatment sessions to ensure the highest quality of care possible. We don’t have standard assessment or treatment protocols that all patients go through because we recognize every person is unique and has individual needs. Instead, our therapists take the time to listen to you, learn your story, and discuss the factors that contribute to your pain or injury. You then receive an individualized treatment plan that focuses on your personal goals instead of a pre-made, cookie-cutter program that doesn’t fit your exact needs. Treatment and assessment options include: 

  • One-on-one, 45 minute assessment with a physical therapist
  • Isokinetic strength assessment (the gold standard for strength testing)
  • Shoulder flexibility / mobility evaluation
  • 3D motion analysis with body worn sensors
  • EMG muscle firing analysis
  • Hands on treatment
  • In office exercise program
  • Home exercise program

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