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Are you afraid you’ve had a concussion and are worried about your well being?

It wasn’t long ago that severe impact to the brain was not considered an injury. There wasn’t much afterthought about the long-lasting effects that can follow “getting your bell rung.”

Now we know the truth: concussions are nothing short of brain injuries.

One concussion can fundamentally change your life, from altering your personality to making school feel impossible.

Difficulty regulating emotions (like quickly losing your temper or crying when you normally wouldn’t), inability to focus, loss of memory, difficulty learning and behaving in school, vision and balance changes, sensitivity to light, becoming easily confused, trouble sleeping, and depression are all concussion symptoms.

Imagine this cycle…

A young, smart, healthy person with a bright future suffers a concussion after a fall that causes her head to snap back and hit the ground. 

She doesn’t black out, so she thinks she’s ok, but she notices her neck won’t stop aching and normal light, like a sunny day, is now intolerable. At night she has throbbing headaches and can’t sleep.

She also notices that every few minutes in school she zones out, losing track of what her teacher is saying. Because of this, her learning and retention declines. To make matters worse, when she does homework after school her eyes hurt and she loses focuses every few moments.

Her grades suffer as a result.

Now she’s even more stressed, because her neck hurts and she can’t stand to be in the light, she isn’t the same student she was before the concussion, and her stress levels make sleeping at night more difficult so she loses even more sleep.

Not only is she concussed, but she’s sleep deprived, her grades are suffering, and her neck still hurts. This makes her irritable, and her friends and family notice. She snaps more quickly than she ever has and her patience is always thin.

You’d be irritable too if you couldn’t sleep, couldn’t focus, and couldn’t be successful in the things that used to come easy.

It’s no surprise when depression creeps in.

And the downhill spiral continues…

This is the story of too many people who have suffered a concussion.

But it doesn’t have to be you or your child.

How can our physical therapists help with concussions?

Simply put—physical therapy can restore functions that are lost or altered after a concussion, giving your lost abilities back and returning your sense of normalcy.

Most important: physical therapy restores hope.

No two concussions are the same, and the symptoms a concussion causes can vary widely between two people. Because of this, concussion therapy HAS to be specific and individualized for each patient.

A person with vision problems will have very different therapy than someone with emotional or focus problems, for instance.

Cookie cutter approaches don’t work for concussion rehab.

Brain rehabilitation is a different ball game than other types of rehabilitation. 

Recovering from an ACL-tear, for instance, is a pretty straight-forward process, with well-defined steps and stages.

Brain rehabilitation is completely different than rehabilitating the physical body and requires a special, well-developed skill set.

You can see by now why not all concussion therapy is equal, and why you want to trust brain rehabilitation to absolute specialists who live and breathe brain rehab. 

That’s why we have seven full-time physical therapists who specialize in brain and neurological rehabilitation.

In fact, the owner of our company, Mike Studer, is an internationally renowned teacher and physical therapist who specializes in brain rehabilitation. He has lectured on brain rehabilitation in 48 states and several countries, co-authored text books, has published over 35 scientific relating to neurological physical therapy, has done a Ted Talk on recovering from brain trauma, and is a Worthington Fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association, which is a special designation for physical therapists “who have demonstrated unwavering efforts to advance the physical therapy profession for more than 15 years.”

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Our team of neurologic specialists are experts and world-leaders in brain trauma recovery.

Our company, NWRA, has three clinics: the RE_Building, a general orthopedic clinic, and a neurology-specific clinic that treats brain trauma and other neurologic complications.

Just as the RE_Building has the best equipment in the world and therapists who specialize in sports rehab, our neurology clinic houses equipment and specialist therapists who are experts in brain rehab. 

Are you ready to begin your path to recovery?

If you’re ready to begin concussion rehabilitation—or to be screened for lingering symptoms of past concussions—fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact soon.