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Instrumented Treadmill Analysis 

Provides athletes with sophisticated running analysis of metrics such as timing, symmetry, and ground reaction forces. This tool allows our team to find discrepancies in running pattern that when corrected can allow you to run more efficiently and decrease your risk of injury.


Dual Force Plate Analysis 

Force plates measure how hard each foot hits the ground during activities such as running, jumping, kicking, cutting, and more. We use force plate analysis to tell us if you use one leg more than other, especially when jumping, and guides your training and rehab by revealing what you need to work on to perform your best. 


High Speed Video Capture

Dual camera integration to capture motion up to 125 fps. We can utilize these cameras to slow down movement and qualitatively discuss variability in movement to help improve your performance. 


Surface Electromyography (EMG)

Sensors placed along the skin detect and track how much your muscles fire, providing biofeedback for both training and rehabilitation.

Isokinetic Dynamometry 

This machine is known as the “gold standard” in evaluating strength. We can use this tool to measure various torque produced in joints and determine the strength of corresponding muscles. This data can be individualized to each persons build and tell us where muscle imbalances and strength discrepancies are


Underwater Treadmill 

1080 Motion 

ReACT – Functional Eccentric Trainer 

Fluid Power Zone